Sustainable: “We grow the nature of the future…”

The fact that plants contribute to our well-being and a better living environment becomes increasingly more clear to the general public. For example turning CO2 into oxygen (photosynthesis) and filtering the air by binding particulates.

Since we are growers in heart and soul, we do understand the importance of plants when it comes to our earth.

We take care of the environment. Sustainable and environmental friendly growing is only possible if this is done in harmony with the environment. Our sustainable growth starts by taking care of a good soil structure. Prior to the start of every growth, a structure improvement is being applied.

The soil life is being activated by adding compost tea and useful soil-dwelling organisms. We work towards creating a natural balance in the soil, which means that diseases and plagues hardly get a chance.

Lodders Boomkwekerijen BV is a pioneer when it comes to sustainable production in the tree nursery industry. There is a reason that Lodders Boomkwekerijen was the first tree nursery with full soil crops to get the MPS Florimark Production Certificate. Our growth methods are annually reviewed by MPS Sustainable Quality ( The plants that we grow fall under the certificate of MPS-A with proof of sustainability.

From experience, we know that our sustainable and environmentally friendly growth methods result in:

- More resilient crops
- More growth potential in the crops
- Less failure
- Plants have a better chance of taking root after planting
- Plants are more resistant to extremes in the - climate
- Less often shortage in nutrients
- Less dependent on chemical products