Lodders Boomkwekerijen:
“Specialises in growing woodland and hedge plants”

Lodders Boomkwekerijen BV specialises in growing woodland and hedge plants both as bare roots and in containers. The plants are grown for the European market and mostly used for forestry, landscaping, road planting, and hedges. We also grow starting material, such as seedlings, bushes, rootstocks, saplings, and feathered whips for partner growers.

A major part of our nursery Consists of native plants from stands selected from the varieties of trees (a list with tree species). These plants are grown in the most sustainable way possible and supplied with a certificates of origin (Dutch-native, Dutch-origin, but usefull-native German and German-origin). When it comes to hedge plants, Lodders BV has developed a number of consumer-friendly concepts, Ik for DIY stores and garden centers.

“We grow the nature of the future.”

Are you interested in our plants? Please let us know, and we can tell you all about them. During the delivery season, we deliver daily throughout Europe.

Our employees can informyou about our plants and logistic possibilities. Of course, we are committed to deliver our orders in full and precisely as you ordered. You are welcome to visit our nurseries. We would like to ask you to make an appointment first, so we can give you all the attention you deserve.